Property Disposition

WNC is constantly seeking moments of opportunity. We have applied this mindset to our property disposition services, helping our partners transition assets out of their portfolio with pace, accuracy, and confidence.

Timely Sales

Our refined process enables well-timed dispositions. We focus on creating and executing on a systematic timetable for transitioning properties at the conclusion of the tax credit and/or compliance period.

Thorough Vetting

All dispositions receive careful scrutiny by our in-house Dispositions Committee, made up of the most senior members of our company, averaging 23 years of LIHTC experience among them.

Strong Deal Flow

With a portfolio of over 1,700 properties, and dozens of property sales annually, we are constantly working on dispositions, which serves to further strengthen our competitive advantage.

Your Property Disposition Partner

Our team is ready to help guide you through the property disposition process and position you for success.