Investment Services

More Than A Return

Driven by the innate desire to improve housing dynamics and create value for investors, our objective is to not only provide strong returns, but make sure those returns coincide with a positive effect on the communities where we invest. Striking that balance has allowed WNC and its partners to thrive, while making our neighborhoods better places to live.

Always Making Moves

Our ability to raise capital is a direct result of our prolific deal flow, comprehensive due diligence, and excellent long-term performance.

97 institutional Tax Credit funds since our founding

109% IRR Average

Diversified Product Lines

We offer investors a choice of national, state, and private label, each designed to take advantage of promising opportunities.

National Multi-Investor Funds 35funds 96 Investors
Proprietary Funds 29 funds 16 Investors
California Funds 21 funds 53 Investors
New York Funds 10 funds 12 Investors
Preservation Equity Funds 2 funds 5 Investors
State Credit Funds 8 funds 18 Investors
Individual Investor Funds 53 TAX CREDIT FUNDS
19,400 Investors

Forging Partnerships For the Long-Term

We place great value in collaboration and relationships, and have developed many enduring partnerships over the years. We take pride in the fact that our partners include over 128 institutional investment firms and 28 Fortune 500 companies, with no single investor providing more than 15% of the total equity raised.

Capital Sources

90% Repeat Investors


85% Multi-Investor State & National Funds

Investment Management

When working with investors, our job is to minimize risk while maximizing performance. We provide a broad range of specialized investment management services overseen by one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Asset Management

We have developed sophisticated proprietary platforms to ensure comprehensive supervision of properties. Our monitoring is frequent and thorough, and we vigilantly track property performance in real-time, in addition to ensuring strict compliance with LIHTC rules.

Fund Management

Committed to communication and action, our Fund Management focus includes interfacing with our investment partners regarding portfolio performance and delivering the promised yield, while keeping a close eye on all aspects of tracking and reporting.

Structured Assets

Strategic and resourceful, our Structured Asset group focuses on repositioning distressed properties. This team of professionals closely monitors property operations, creates workout plans, and makes disposition recommendations.


With a vigilant eye on the numbers and a focus on accuracy, our experienced accounting department oversees both upper-tier and lower-tier fund audits and quarterly financials.

Syndications / Investor Relations

The primary point of contact for our investors, our Syndications/Investor Relations group provides ongoing communication to institutional investors, along with being responsible for the syndication of new funds, including fund pro forma analysis and structuring.