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December 2, 2021

Cooper Housing Institute Awards $50,000 Grant to Mercy House Living Centers for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Cooper Housing Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports research and programs that address housing affordability and homelessness in the United States, announced today that it has awarded Orange County, California-based Mercy House Living Centers with a $50,000 grant to introduce the position of a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

The psychiatric nurse practitioner will work with at-risk tenants of Mercy House Living Centers with the goal of stabilizing their housing, connecting them to ongoing care and mentoring their paraprofessional case managers in order to ensure housing stability.

“The Cooper Housing Institute is passionate about supporting and growing affordable housing in the United States,” said Co-Founder Will Cooper Jr. “Of paramount importance to affordable housing assistance is the wellbeing of residents, including their mental health. We believe this grant will greatly assist Mercy House Living Centers in providing the psychiatric care and support so many families and individuals need that are housing insecure.”

Mercy House Living Centers provides housing and comprehensive supportive services for a variety of homeless populations which includes families, adult men and women, mothers and their children, persons living with HIV/AIDS, individuals overcoming substance addictions, and some who are physically and mentally disabled. The organization strives to assist residents in the areas of economic, emotional, and spiritual well-being in order to enhance self-esteem and a sense of personal pride.

About Cooper Housing Institute

The Cooper Housing Institute is a private 501(c)(3) foundation founded in 2018 by the Cooper family, whose commitment to affordable housing spans 50 years. The foundation strives to make housing a priority in the United States by supporting research, education and programs that address housing affordability and homelessness. The organization focuses on the root causes of the shortage of affordable housing and chronic homelessness across the nation, and aims to focus on objective, fact-driven research that brings often divergent groups together to embrace common sense solutions. The Cooper Housing Institute was formed by Will N. Cooper Sr. and Will N. Cooper Jr., leaders of Irvine, California-based WNC, a leading provider of investment, asset management and development services in the affordable housing industry. To learn more, visit https://cooperhousinginstitute.org/