Career Opportunities

Asset Management

Construction Oversight Asset Manager

The Asset Manager for Construction Oversight Management (“Candidate”) oversees a nationwide portfolio of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties during the rehabilitation or new construction phase.  The Candidate reports to
Community Preservation Partners

Assistant Project Manager

The main responsibility of the Assistant Project Manager is to coordinate, implement, and manage activities related to affordable housing development.   Position Responsibilities: Collaborate on the initial financial review and analysis of
Asset Management

LIHTC Compliance Specialist I or II

WNC is currently seeking a highly motivated LIHTC Compliance Specialist responsible for monitoring a LIHTC portfolio of approximately 630 properties for regulatory and tenant file compliance, including reviewing tenant files,
Community Preservation Partners

Construction Asset Manager

The Construction Asset Manager (CAM) will be primarily responsible for planning and executing apartment capital projects and renovations throughout the United States working closely with Project Management and Asset Management. 
Fund Management

Fund Analyst

The Fund Analyst is responsible for monitoring the long-term performance of multi-investor, proprietary and guaranteed Low-Income Housing Tax Credit funds. This position records and calculates investor benefits, reviews tax returns