About Us

When Opportunity Meets Impact

Creating a truly positive impact on America’s communities requires striking the right balance. The vision to identify compelling opportunities must be matched with the ability to fully realize both their social and financial value. By finding this balance, the velocity of progress will increase, and our communities will shine even brighter.

WNC was established at the intersection of opportunity and impact. Following the passage of the Urban Development Act in 1968, Wilfred Cooper Sr. saw how this could provide investors and developers the incentives to generate not only stakeholder value, but social value as well in the form of community preservation and improved access to affordable housing.

Today, WNC is known as both the pioneer in the affordable housing space and a leader in tax credit syndication, community preservation services, and private equity fund management.

Mission-driven, versatile, and comprised of some of the most talented professionals in real estate, WNC utilizes the full force of its collaborative culture to create a powerful vertically-integrated organization. Together, the WNC entities have turned affordable housing investing and preservation services into a science, while ensuring hard-working individuals and families can live the American Dream.

“WNC is a collection of highly knowledgeable, experienced, disciplined, and hard-working professionals. As a partner you are the beneficiary of these uniquely qualified talents, in all facts of development and management of affordable housing. More importantly the integrity, passion and fairness of Will Sr. and Will Jr. governs all the activities of WNC. It has been an honor and privilege to be WNC’s partner.”
– Cyrus Youssefi, Owner and President of C.F.Y. Development, Inc.

Why Work With WNC?

Experience You Can Build On

“WNC has been a valued partner of USA Properties Fund since 2004. They have all of the characteristics that we look for in selecting partner; Trust, Reliability, Integrity, and an Ability to Execute in a timely manner. WNC continues to be a leader in our affordable housing industry, and I know they are in it for the long run. They are a pleasure to work with.”

— Geoff Brown, Chief Executive Officer, USA Properties

Vision to Create Additional Value

We have identified key economic value drivers and developed efficient strategies to harness, support, and strengthen affordable housing in the United States, benefitting both investors and residents of the real estate we work hard to provide.

Equal Parts People & Performance

We have created a purpose-built business and a tailored process that has produced strong results over nearly a half century. Family-owned, and fiercely loyal to partners and employees, we know that solving the people equation maximizes performance.


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We see the pursuit of affordable housing as not only an economic opportunity, but a social one as well, and by focusing on residents rather than units, we are able to deliver superior long-term community value.

What We Do

Community-Driven, Sophisticated Services

WNC is a versatile affordable housing organization with extensive expertise in tax credit syndication, preservation & rehabilitation services, and private equity investment funds.

With offices in 18 cities, we are partners to more than 400 developers in 48 states, working hand-in-hand to house over one million residents in over 1,650 affordable housing properties, while also launching 95 institutional investment funds to support the healthy growth of capital and communities.

Our Specialties

Tax Credit (LIHTC) Equity

Affordable housing expertise with specialization in tax credit syndication, investment management and property disposition.

112K+ Units

$17.9B Portfolio

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Community Preservation & Redevelopment (CPP)

Recapitalization and redevelopment of affordable housing assets across the United States.

11,000+ Units Acquired, Developed & Rehabilitated

$2.6B Capitalization

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Preservation Equity Funds

Affordable housing-focused equity funds producing compelling risk-adjusted returns through cash flow and appreciation.

18 Yrs Average Investment Team Experience

$298M in Affordable Housing Preserved

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