Career Opportunities

Preservation Equity Funds

Asset Manager

High growth, ground-floor opportunity with WNC’s Preservation Equity Funds in Asset Management. Seeking an accomplished asset manager with a proven track record for translating key objectives into actionable plans, who can thrive in a fast-paced environment with limited oversight. Drive asset performance through strategic asset management by increasing operating efficiencies and reducing costs to impact the bottom line to grow NOI and capture portfolio revenue increases.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maximize the financial performance for a diversified, growing portfolio of existing, affordable housing rental properties.
  • Exceed overall fund IRR through NOI growth by focusing on income generation, reducing monthly expenses, vacancy loss, collections loss and bad debt.
  • Advise WNC’s Preservation Equity Funds’ leadership while overseeing property and portfolio-level risk management, relevant to growth strategy, market risk and conditions, and internal team capacity.
  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of the portfolio and asset management function to protect the company’s portfolio interests and to ensure compliance with all investors and regulatory requirements are met.  Participate in investor communications.
  • Participate in team and committee meetings for properties in the underwriting process, with emphasis on market conditions, competing properties, and other data relevant to the underwriting process. Provide strategic direction on integrating new assets into the existing company’s portfolio.
  • Analyze market trends, various market studies and income and expense analysis reports and utilize the data for analysis of the company’s portfolio.
  • Develop, refine and execute property-level business plans and operating budgets for a growing portfolio of properties with a focus on newly acquired properties. Update and manage annual asset-level business plans and budgets for each property to maximize value and distributable cash flow.
  • Conduct site visits to ensure compliance with property business plans.
  • Represent WNC’s Preservation Equity Funds as an owner representative, negotiate in partner endeavors and third-party interactions, including with co-general partners and management agents.
  • Establish and maintain a good working relationship with all owners, managers and other housing partners, while fulfilling regulatory obligations and monitoring overall compliance with Housing Agencies, HUD, IRS, and local regulations, including the filing of the annual property tax exemption, owner’s certification and project ownership profile forms.
  • Professionally communicate in a timely fashion with WNC’s Preservation Equity Funds’ leadership and property management team regarding all activities.
  • Assess and design, revise and implement management policies and procedures for use in the company’s multifamily housing and monitoring programs to ensure the overall safety, soundness and financial performance of the company’s multifamily portfolio.

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