Tax Credit Investments

Tax Year 2015 K-1 Status

K-1 Guide

The following list will be updated as K-1s are completed.

For questions regarding your investment and/or K-1 information, please e-mail us at taxinfo@wncinc.com or reach us directly at (714) 662-5565 ext. 600 from 8am to 5pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Once K-1s are available, they are sent to a printing company for fulfillment and mailing. You can expect to receive your K-1s in the mail approximately 10 days from the date sent to the printer. The following outlines the date the materials have been sent to the printer and are also available for reprint to be sent to you via e-mail or FAX by contacting the Investor Services department at taxinfo@wncinc.com or (714) 662-5565, ext. 600.

In the following list, substitute "Natfund" for "WNC Housing Tax Credit Fund." For example, "WNC Housing Tax Credit Fund II" would be "Natfund 2." Also substitute "Calfund" for "WNC California Housing Tax Credits." For example, "WNC California Housing Tax Credits II" would be called
"Calfund 2."

The following forms for claiming the tax credit or computing passive losses are available for download from the IRS website:

Form 3800 (General Business Credit). Used to claim the credit. For partnerships still delivering credits.

8582 and 8582-CR (Passive Activity Loss Limitations). If your partnership is still delivering tax credits, then you will want to use the Form 8582-CR, otherwise you can use the Form 8582.

This web page last updated on 03/16/16.

Partnership Date Sent to Printer and Copies Available for Reprint
Brazos Valley 03/07/16
Calfund 3 03/03/16
Calfund 4-4 03/01/16
Calfund 4-5 03/01/16
Cumberland 03/08/16
Natfund 4-1 03/14/16
Natfund 4-2 03/01/16
Natfund 5-4 03/16/16
Natfund 6-5 10/20/15
Natfund 6-6 03/01/16
Natfund 6-7 03/01/16
Partnership Date Sent to Printer and Copies Available for Reprint
Natfund 6-8 03/03/16
Natfund 6-9 03/02/16
Natfund 6-10 03/01/16
Natfund 6-11 03/03/16
Natfund 6-12 03/04/16
Natfund 6-13 03/16/16
Peachtree 02/26/16
WNC 30 02/12/16
WNC 31 03/16/16
WNC Tx Crdts 37 03/10/16
WNC Tx Crdts 38 03/14/16